We are big supporters of environmental and conservation projects globally

Thank you for visiting our website about Bees and Beekeeping, Easy-Beesy.com.

My name is Paul and I am a Dad of 4 incredible children. My partner, our children, and I are all passionate about our environment and the world that we live in. We all understand our impact on the world and how small steps by individuals can make a massive change in terms of what we can do to protect this beautiful world that we call home, ‘Earth’.

We recognize the huge importance of bees to our environment from creating a wax that goes into many products that we use and delicious honey, but more importantly to pollinating the plants that we enjoy in our gardens and indeed to the plants and crops that we need to survive.

It is recognized that the bee population is in decline throughout the world and this is something that we all need to care about as it impacts all of us. Therefore, we created this website as a resource for both new and existing beekeepers, offering advice and answering questions regarding the best methods for keeping a healthy bee colony.

Our website is also aimed at those who would like to help with conserving Bees and providing the plants and other needs of Bees to help with their survival to help them thrive.