Is Honeycomb Good For You? – Will It Improve Your Health?

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If you regularly read foodie articles then you’ll know that there’s always a new superfood that the experts are raving about. It almost seems like fads come and go but when it comes to organic foods, bee products are up there with the best. While most people think of honey when talking about bee products, we mustn’t forget the benefits of honeycomb. So, is honeycomb good for you?

Honeycomb is made by bees using wax which they naturally produce and is used to store honey and other things like eggs. It’s actually an incredibly healthy food choice and has benefits like improving your heart health and reducing allergy symptoms. It’s also a fantastic natural alternative to sugar.

Knowing the benefits of including honeycomb in the diet, many people have already started consuming it. In this guide, I’ll talk more about why honeycomb is so good for you and how you can eat it.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Honeycomb?

Let’s be honest, some of the healthiest food choices aren’t always the tastiest. But the great thing about honey comb is that, while it’s good for you, it’s still a sweet treat. That aside, there are many excellent health benefits which I’ll talk about below.

Better Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the biggest natural killers on the planet but there are things you can do to reduce your risks. This includes things like exercising regularly and keeping your stress levels low but the food you put into your body also plays a big part in keeping your heart healthy.

When you include honeycomb in your diet, you’ll be benefiting from antioxidants and carbohydrates as well as fatty acids which are essential to a healthy heart.

A Healthy Liver

The substances and elements that I have just mentioned in the previous section are also imperative to keeping your liver healthy.

On top of this, honeycomb contains natural alcohol which offers hepatoprotective properties which keep your liver in tip top conditions.

Fewer Allergies And Colds

Since honeycomb has natural anti-inflammatory properties, it is a brilliant remedy for colds and allergies. What’s more, it hugely benefits your immune system so you’ll be much more easily able to fight off bacteria and reduce the number of colds you experience.

Boost Your Digestive Health

Many people suffer from digestive issues such as IBS, constipation, cramps, and many other things. These symptoms are often a result of poor diet choices but they’re easy to address using the right foods.

Thankfully, honeycomb is bursting with fiber and vitamin A, both of which are essential for good gut health and regular bowel movements.

Get Those Essential Vitamins And Minerals

We eat to keep ourselves nourished and there are certain vitamins and minerals that our bodies require. One of the great benefits of honeycomb is that it contains a whole host of nutrients that are beneficial to your body.

These include vitamins A, E, C, B12, and B6 as well as things like zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron. If that wasn’t enough, honeycomb is brilliant at delivering those much-needed carbs and some fiber to boot.

Improve Your Sleep

If I were to tell you to eat a packet of candies before bed, you’d probably laugh in my face. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that the processed sugar would increase your energy levels and interfere with your sleep.

But the natural sugars in honeycomb have been proven to increase production of a hormone known as melatonin which is responsible for regulating your sleep.

So, having a small amount of raw honeycomb before bed could help you to sleep more soundly. A great way to take this is by melting it into some herbal tea.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Low

High blood sugar will wreak havoc with your health but so many processed foods contain sugar. Natural alternatives like honeycomb, while sweet, contain far less glucose and are therefore a much healthier option.

For people that suffer from diabetes, this is an excellent alternative to processed white sugar.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can cause all sorts of problems such as a loss of function, pain, and swelling. Even worse, if inflammation goes untreated, it could result in long term tissue damage.

But it’s honeycomb to the rescue once again which contains antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and rid your body of harmful free radicals.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Do you ever feel sluggish early on in the day, as if your energy levels are already depleted? Like many other annoying symptoms, this can be caused by what you’re putting into your body.

Honeycomb not only contains carbohydrates but also glucose. Both of these naturally occurring substances are a great way to give your body a much-needed energy boost to get you through the day.

How Do You Eat Honeycomb?

Staring at a piece of raw honeycomb, you might wonder what on earth you’re meant to do with it. But don’t worry, if you’re new to eating honeycomb, it’s quite simple to include it in your daily diet.

For starters, there are many beekeepers that add pieces of honeycomb directly into their honey so you can eat it with that sweet liquid right out of the container.

Alternatively, you can purchase raw honeycomb on its own and it can be eaten in a number of different ways. For example:

  • Break up small pieces of honeycomb into a fruit or leafy salad and enjoy as a side dish.
  • Crumble honeycomb into natural yogurt.
  • Spread some raw honeycomb onto bread or toast to give it a sweet kick.
  • Add some honeycomb to herbal tea. It’ll melt beautifully and is a wonderful alternative to processed sugar.
  • Choose a savory treat, like cheese, and pair this with honeycomb for a delicious blend of flavors.

Is Honeycomb Safe To Eat?

For most people, honeycomb is perfectly safe to eat. However, as with any type of food, there may be some risks involved for certain individuals. It’s important to talk to your doctor or dietician before including any new food and, if you have any allergies to bee products, it’s probably worth giving honeycomb a wide berth.

Moreover, it’s worth keeping in mind that, while honeycomb contains only natural sugars, too much of a good thing can still be bad. This is why I always recommend taking honeycomb as part of a balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably tasted honey at least once in your life but have you ever considered eating honeycomb? If you haven’t, you might even wonder if honeycomb is good for you. The great news is that, when eaten in moderation, honeycomb has a range of wonderful health benefits.