Unleash Your Inner Bee Whisperer: Tips for Keeping Bees Away from Your Pool

Unleash Your Inner Bee Whisperer- Tips for Keeping Bees Away from Your Pool

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On a hot summer’s day, I love nothing more than relaxing by the pool and taking a refreshing dip to cool off. But it can be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to enjoy some well-earned peace only to be annoyed by bees buzzing around.

Bees are an important part of every ecosystem and I’d never want to do anything to harm them. That said, I also want to find effective ways to keep them out of my personal space which led me to look at how to keep bees away from the pool.

Natural methods like using strong-smelling plants work very well at repelling bees. You might also try providing them with another water source so they aren’t as attracted to your pool water.

I have found lots of other interesting and effective ways to keep those bees away from my garden pool and I’d love to share them with you here. 

Why Are Bees Attracted To My Swimming Pool?

If you are feeling a little hot and bothered on a sunny day then one of the first things you might think about doing is taking a dip in the pool to cool off.

Bees are no different and are also on the lookout for a cool, refreshing body of water to lower their temperature and hydrate themselves. While humans wouldn’t dream of taking a glass of water to drink from a swimming pool, bees aren’t that fussy and will drink water from your pool. That’s one of the main reasons they’re attracted to it.

What’s more, they’ll collect water and take it back to the hive in order to maintain the temperatures there and even hydrate the larvae.

The Best Ways To Keep Bees Away From Your Pool

Bees can be a real pest during summer when you are trying to enjoy your garden and some time with the family around the pool. I have to stress that killing bees or setting harmful traps should always be avoided. The only time I would recommend this is if there is a very severe bee problem that could be dangerous to humans.

That said, bees are usually very docile creatures and rarely pose a threat to us. So,  it’s much better to use natural methods to get rid of them around your pool. With that in mind, here are my top tips for a bee-free pool party.

Consider Your Poolside Plants Carefully

You are most likely aware that bees are attracted to flowering plants because this is where they source nectar and pollen. However, they’re not keen on all plants so by choosing your greenery wisely, you can keep bees at bay.

You’ll want to start by removing any plants that bees are attracted to. I can’t write an exhaustive list of all the plants that bees like here but you’ll want to avoid things like lavender, beebalm, foxgloves, coneflowers, and hollyhocks to name a few.

In order to repel bees from the pool area, make sure to put lots of potted plants that they don’t like the smell of. This can include things like lemongrass, geraniums, mint, and citronella.

Provide Bees With Another Water Source

As I have already discussed, bees are mainly attracted to your pool because it is a viable source of water for them. They’re not there just to get on your nerves.

Providing the bees with another source of water may be enough to deter them from your pool and give you the peace you’re looking for.

You don’t need to dig another pool or do anything fancy. Even something as simple as a bird bath or a bowl of water can be enough. If you’re going to do this, make sure that there are surfaces that the bees can land on otherwise they won’t show any interest. Since they’re not brilliant swimmers, they’ll need something like a rock or even a sponge to land on.

I’d recommend getting this water source set up at the beginning of summer before you uncover your pool. If not, the bees will likely pay more attention to the pool as it’s a bigger, more obvious source. However, if they first become acquainted with your diversion water source, they’ll be likely to stick with this and leave the pool alone. You could even add some pool water to your diversion to attract them more quickly.

Bees need to drink water regularly, so they are naturally attracted to pools

Avoid Having Food And Drink Around The Pool

If you have ever tried to have a BBQ or outdoor meal then you’ll know that bees (and wasps) can be a massive problem. They’re curious about all of that tasty food and want to get a look in just as much as you do.

But if you’re looking to deter bees then having food and drink around the pool area is a real no-no! I’m not telling you not to have any food or drink present because that’s part of enjoying an afternoon in the garden. What I am saying is that you’ll need to make sure it’s covered up and not an attraction to the bees.

Use cups or glasses with lids and a straw instead of those that are open and use aluminum foil or cling film to cover any food that’s not currently being eaten.

Use Strong Smells

Earlier I talked about some of the strong-smelling plants that bees don’t like and these will do a great job of keeping them away. However, some people, perhaps those with plant allergies, don’t want plants around their pool so this isn’t a good method.

But there are other things you can use to deter bees that are too stinky for them to want to come near the pool. The good news is that these things won’t be repulsive to humans so you can carry on enjoying your garden in peace.

A great option is to make a homemade spray using water and essential oils. The best options are peppermint, clove, or lemongrass and you can spray the mixture all around the pool area. On top of this, I would recommend spraying any pool floats, chairs, tables, and any other equipment around the pool. Allow it to dry before using anything you have doused in the mixture and be sure to reapply it later in the day.

If you don’t have any essential oils, there may be things around your home that have a potent enough scent to send the bees packing. Tumble dryer sheets are a brilliant example and it’s merely a case of putting them into your garden furniture and letting them work their magic.

Create Other Bee-Friendly Areas

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; bees are our friends. No, we might not want them joining us at the poolside but without them, the world would be a starkly different place, and not in a good way. So, if we are going to send them away from the pool, it’s a good idea to create other areas of the garden that they can visit.

Not only is this beneficial for the bees but it’s also a great way of turning their attention from your pool. Choose a small part of your garden and allow the grass to grow long, plant bee-friendly flowers, install a log pile or some rocks and your local bees will be more than happy. You might even buy a bug hotel and pop it in amongst some flowering plants as a haven for bees.

Avoid Bright Colors

Have you ever noticed that bees seem to be more attracted to you when you’re wearing bright colors? This is because bees are able to see many more colors than humans and this can be confusing to them. Where you might think that your bright yellow swimsuit is a great way to show off your tan, bees could confuse it with a pretty flower. That’s why they’ll pursue you.

So,  if you want to stop bees from investigating your pool area, it’s a really good idea to only use items in subdued colors.

This won’t keep bees away when used on its own but it’ll certainly lower the chances of them coming to take a look around.

Use Pool Jets

Bees might be attracted to bodies of water but they usually prefer still or slow-moving water as they are not good swimmers. If you turn on your pool jets then this sends a clear signal to the bees that the water is unsafe and they’ll likely fly off to find another water source.

Final Thoughts

Bees are curious little insects so it’s not surprising that they’ll want to come and take a look at what’s on offer in your backyard. If you have a pool, the bees will be super excited to hang around as this is a great source of hydration and a way to cool down on a hot day.

Of course, humans aren’t too keen on sharing their space with bees and are often looking for ways how to keep bees away from a pool.

There are lots of natural and effective methods you can use like removing bee-friendly plants, creating a new water source, and turning on your pool jets. I would not recommend trying to harm or kill the bees as this can have a really damaging effect on the local ecosystem.