What Size Mesh Can Bees Get Through? Read On For All The Details

What size mesh can bees get through?

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Bees are amazing creatures that are able to fly through the tiniest of spaces. But just how small of a space can they get through?

What Size Mesh Can Bees Get Through?

The size of mesh that a bee can typically pass through is around 1/4″ / 6 mm. So, if you’re looking to keep bees out of your home or garden, it’s best to use mesh that is smaller than 3/16″ / 4mm.

If you’re interested in supporting local bee populations, you can also look for mesh that is specifically designed to allow bees to pass through while keeping out other pests. This type of mesh is usually around 5/16″ / 8mm in size.

Can bees get through mesh?

Bees can get through mesh of 1/6″/4mm and above.

The following chart gives a guide as to what size of mesh a bee can get through:

Size of mesh in InchesSize of mesh in mmCan bees get through this size of mesh?Recommended for restricting bees?
1/4″6mmBees can get through with no problemNo
1/6″4mmBees can pass through, but with difficultyNo
1/8″3mmBees cannot pass throughYes

What size of mesh can bees get through?

Worker bees can get through mesh of 1/6″ or 4mm in size. Queen bees and larger types of bees cannot pass through this size of mesh, hence they are often used as Queen Excluders.

Can bees get through hardware cloth?

Bees can get through hardware cloth as long as the holes are large enough. The mesh size of hardware cloth typically ranges from 1/8″ to 2″, so it’s important to choose the right size for your needs.

Remember, if you’re trying to keep bees out, it’s best to use mesh that is smaller than 3/16″ / 4mm in size.

What size mesh is best for keeping bees out of your house or garden?

To prevent bees from getting into your home or garden, it’s important to use mesh that is smaller than 3/16″ / 4mm in size. You should also check for gaps or holes in the mesh and seal them with caulk or another type of material.

Bees of any size or type cannot get through mesh of 1/8″ or 3mm. Therefore this is the ideal size if you’re looking to keep bees out of an area.

How small of a hole can a bee get through?

Bees can fly through spaces that are as small as 1/4″ / 6mm. This means that they can easily get through mesh that is not properly sealed or installed.

Suitable Hardware Cloth & Mesh:

Mesh used for Queen Excluders

Queen excluders are typically made of mesh that is 3/16″ / 4mm or smaller. This mesh size prevents queen bees from getting through while still allowing worker bees to pass.

It is not recommended that beekeepers use Queen Excluders though, as it can cause problems for the bees. If a queen bee is accidentally excluded, it can lead to swarming or other issues, plus worker bees can find it difficult to get through and if they find it too difficult, then they will not pass through, meaning the hive becomes overcrowded and eventually the bees are likely to swarm.


So what size mesh can bees get through? The answer is surprisingly small! Most commercial beekeepers use a screen with 1/2 inch holes, but research has shown that even those with very small holes (1/16th of an inch) allow the passage of around 90% of the bees. Given this information, it’s important for beekeepers to make sure their hives are well-protected from potential invaders.

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