Does Sevin Dust Kill Bees? This Article Explains It All

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Bees are one of the most important parts of any ecosystem and pollinate an astonishing number of crops for human food. However, as with any wildlife, there may be times that bees become problematic so it’s important to have ways of managing this.

One of the most effective ways to control bees is by using a pesticide product. These are widely available and there are several different brands to choose from. However, not all pesticides will work on all insects but does Sevin kill bees?

Sevin is effective in killing bees although it is not advertized as a bee-killing product. In fact, it is recommended not to use it on flowering plants to limit the effects on pollinators.

That said, if you have a bee infestation or these creatures have become a problem then you may have no other choice. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to use Sevin dust to kill bees as well as give you some alternative methods.

What Is Sevin?

Sevin dust is a pesticide that claims to be able to kill hundreds of different types of insects without causing any harm to the plant life in your backyard.

The product has been used for more than three decades and uses the active ingredient carbaryl which is highly toxic to a huge number of bugs.

The product can be used on your lawn, in a veggie patch, in flower beds, and in many other locations around the garden which is something that sets it apart from many other domestic pesticide products.

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Can I Use Sevin To Kill Bees?

As we have mentioned, Sevin dust contains an ingredient called carbaryl. This substance is toxic to bees and so will effectively kill them.

That said, bees are so important because they are pollinators so using pesticides like Sevin isn’t always the best approach. There are a lot of natural methods that you can use to repel bees or send them packing from your property without causing them any harm.

Of course, there are some situations in which killing bees is unavoidable such as when they become an enormous pest or if they pose a danger to humans. In this case, Sevin is a fast-acting pesticide that will get the job done properly.

How To Use Sevin To Kill Bees

Again, we have to reiterate the importance of using natural methods to remove bees where it is possible. However, if you have no other choice but to use Sevin dust then it’s essential that you take the right approach. Here are our tips on how to use Sevin to kill bees.


When you are dealing with bees it is essential that you protect yourself and one of the easiest ways to do that is by dressing properly.

Generally speaking, bees are not aggressive animals but when they feel threatened, their demeanor can change very rapidly. This is why wearing long sleeves and pants as well as boots, gloves, a hat, and other protective garments is crucial. It’s even more important if you know you are sensitive to bee stings. If you can get your hands on a full bee suit then even better.

If you want to go one step further then you can use some duct tape to seal off any open parts of your clothing like the bottoms of your pant legs or the cuffs of your sleeves. You can even tape around where your jacket and gloves meet for the ultimate protection.

It’s also a good idea to protect your face. If you cannot get hold of a bee suit which comes with face protection then you might decide to use a respirator. These can be purchased from hardware or home improvement stores and come in a range of sizes with some offering full coverage of the face.

Choose The Right Time

As well as preparing yourself in terms of what you are going to wear to kill the bees, it’s also vital to make sure that you approach the nest at the right time. The best time to do this is just before dawn. Bees are largely inactive at this time of day as they prefer to come out and work when things start to warm up a little. Failing this, doing it last thing at night, after the sun has set is also possible.

Applying The Sevin Dust

When it comes to applying the Sevin dust, you will need to do this using a sweeping motion. Make sure that there is a good covering of dust around the entrance to the hive or nest. Also, look for other holes or openings where the bees might get in and out and apply plenty here too.

It’s important to apply the Sevin dust as quickly as possible but also to make sure that you apply a generous amount.

Sealing Hives And Nests

Once you have applied the product, you will now need to seal up any holes or openings within the nest or hive. This will keep the bees inside where the Sevin will work its magic.

You can use a foam sealant for this and make sure to start with the biggest opening. Once you are finished, it’s a good idea to add another layer of Sevin dust over the sealant for good measure.

Monitor The Situation

It’s going to take some time before the Sevin dust completely eradicates the bees so make sure to keep an eye on things. Monitor the nest for activity over the coming days before you make any attempt to remove it. In all honesty, it’s probably best to hire a professional if you want to completely remove the nest.

How To Tell If You Have Bees In Your Home

If you think that you have bees in your home then this can be very disconcerting. But before you go running to the store to pick up some Sevin dust, just take a few moments to properly investigate what is going on.

One of the first things to look for is the presence of any nests. The size of the nest and how active it is will be a good starting point to understanding how severe the problem is.

Sometimes, bees can get into the walls of your home and when they do, you may be able to hear them. You’ll likely hear scratching or crawling sounds and perhaps even some buzzing.

Certain types of bees will cause structural damage to materials in your home. Things like wood can be drilled into by carpenter bees and brickwork may be used by masonry bees so it’s important to check for holes, tunnels, and other types of damage.

What To Do If There Are Bees In Your Home

So, you’ve got a bee infestation; it’s pretty horrific, isn’t it? But if you are keen to be as humane as possible in the removal of the bees then using Sevin dust isn’t going to be the best method. The good news is that there are several other ways you might be able to eradicate the problem without hurting our winged friends. Let’s take a look at your options.

Use Natural Scents To Deter Bees

Just like any other creature, there are certain scents that bees just don’t like and you can use these to drive them away from your home. They’re also a brilliant preventative measure so it’s something worth keeping in mind.

When using scents to repel bees, do note that this method is usually more suitable for smaller colonies. If there is a significantly large swarm, you’re probably going to have to call in the pros.

Typically speaking, things like pepper, garlic, mint, lemon, and lemongrass are amazing at keeping bees at bay. But it’s no good just throwing a few cloves of garlic at the problem and hoping it’ll do the trick!

No, the best way to use these scents is in a spray bottle and make your own bee repellent. Just choose your scent in the form of essential oil and add this to some water. You can also use vinegar if you prefer, just make sure you mix everything well. It’s then simply a case of spraying the bee’s nest with the solution.

If you don’t fancy spraying then you can also douse a cotton ball in the solution and place these around the nest as well as in other areas of the home to keep the bees away.

While you may have some success in getting the bees to move on using this method, that’s not always the outcome you’ll experience. Instead, you may find that this is a way of controlling the bees and keeping them in one place rather than them buzzing all around the home and garden. 

Use Bee Traps

Using scents to repel bees requires you to get pretty close to them and this isn’t something that everyone wants to do. But that’s OK as it is entirely possible to use a bee trap instead which allows you to keep your distance a bit more.

You can buy bee traps from most stores and they use chemical scents as well as colors that attract bees to lure them in. Once they get inside the trap, they are unable to escape. There are some traps that will kill the bee once inside so if you’re looking for a humane way to get rid of the bees, you may wish to avoid this type of trap.

We would recommend using bee traps outdoors as this is where the bees are more likely to explore new scents. It is possible to place them pretty close to the nest and you should find that they work well over the course of a few days. Of course, you can leave the traps in place for as long as you wish.

Smoke The Bees Out

If you have ever watched beekeepers tending to their hives, you may have noticed that they use smokers on the bees. But why is this? Well, the primary reason is that smoke stops the bees from sensing each other’s alarm pheromones which means they remain docile even in stressful situations. Beekeepers use this technique when they need to perform maintenance on the hive. It stops the bees from feeling stressed and stops the keeper from being stung.

But smoke can also be used to deter bees from a location simply because they don’t like it. As the smoke makes them more docile, there is a greater chance that they’ll flee the area. However, keep in mind that this method should only be used outdoors.

Call For Professional Help

If you have exhausted every possible method for controlling or getting rid of bees but still have a problem then you may have no other choice but to contact a local pest control service. A lot of people are put off this idea since it can involve paying a lot of money. But it’s always the best option for the safe removal of pests.

These people are trained to assess the situation and come up with the most viable method of removal. Moreover, the approaches they use are typically a lot quicker so you won’t have to wait as long for the problem to be dealt with. And if that wasn’t enough, the effects of the treatment are usually far more permanent than anything we can do at home ourselves.

Preventing Reinfestation

Whether you have used Sevin, a natural method, or contacted a professional, there will come a time that you are free from bees once and for all. But if you want to continue living in this pest-free idyllic bliss then you’ll need to make sure that there’s no way of the bees returning.

One of the most important things to do in this situation is to find out where the bees got into the house in the first palace. It could be a hole or a crack in the wall and this will need to be completely sealed if you want to avoid future problems. Fully inspect all parts of the house until you’ve found the problem.

As well as this, it’s essential that bees are not attracted to your home for other reasons. This might include food sources not being left out as well as simple things like turning off lights and keeping windows and doors closed during the night. Insect screens can also be useful but do keep in mind that bees can chew through these so always opt for a strong metal screen.


Sevin is a pesticide dust that is proven to be effective against a large number of insects and creepy crawlies; but does Sevin kill bees?

Yes, Sevin does kill bees but that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best solution to your problem. Bees are important pollinators and, as such, it’s best to avoid killing them where possible.

However, if they have become a danger or a serious pest then using a pesticide like Sevin will eradicate the problem. There are also some more natural and humane methods of deterring bees such as traps and spraying homemade repellent.

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