Is Beeswax Good For Skin? Exploring the Benefits and Uses

Is Beeswax Good For Skin - Exploring the Benefits and Uses

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Bee products are 100% natural so one would assume that they’re good for your skin. You’ll often see skincare products infused with honey and even royal jelly and they fly off the shelves. But what about beeswax? Is beeswax good for skin?

Beeswax is a great way to lock moisture into the skin which keeps it super supple, hydrated, and not to mention soft. By using cosmetics that contain beeswax, you’re one step closer to having healthy skin.

But these aren’t the only benefits of beeswax in skincare; this is something of a miracle ingredient. I’d love to discuss the many reasons why I love beeswax skincare and I’ll do so in this guide.

What Is Beeswax?

Beeswax is a naturally occurring substance made by, you guessed it; bees! Honey bees feed on honey and digest it which starts the process of wax creation.

Once the wax is made inside the bee’s body, it is secreted out of glands on its abdomen. In the hive, bees use this malleable material to make honeycomb which is used for storing honey, eggs, and larvae. They’ll also take small pieces of wax to cap the cells and protect whatever is inside.

However, humans have long understood the benefits of beeswax and have harvested it for their own use. Beeswax is also perfectly edible and chunk honey is often sold for human consumption. But for the purposes of this article, let’s stick with the benefits of beeswax for your skin.

What Does Beeswax Contain?

The great thing about beeswax is that it’s 100% natural so there’s no concern about any synthetic ingredients that may harm your skin. But what is actually inside?

Well, for starters beeswax contains around 8% fatty-free acids as well as 15% hydrocarbons and 71% esters.

It also contains naturally occurring sugars and vitamin A which is one of the reasons it’s so good for your skin.

Is Beeswax Safe For Your Skin?

Since beeswax doesn’t contain any synthetic materials, most people find that it’s totally safe to use and doesn’t cause any irritation. However, it’s perfectly possible to be allergic to natural ingredients so it is recommended that you perform an allergy test before you start using any beeswax-containing products.

You can do this with a patch test which involves applying a small amount of the product to the inner elbow or wrist. You’ll need to leave it in place for between 24 and 48 hours to see if any adverse reactions occur.

This might include things like itching, burning, a skin rash, swelling, or redness which could indicate that you have an allergy. In this case, it’s best to avoid using the product.

The Benefits Of Using Beeswax For Your Skin

As I mentioned, while a small number of people may have an allergy to beeswax, for the most part it’s a very beneficial ingredient. The advantages of using beeswax products for your skin are plentiful so let’s take a look at some of them now.

Lock In Moisture

Beeswax creates a protective layer on your skin that helps to lock in moisture. If you apply it after your usual moisturizer, it’ll stop any of that important hydration escaping but it is also breathable. This ensures incredibly soft and supple skin that’s naturally balanced.

It Has A Beautiful Texture

One of the things I love about beeswax is its creamy texture and this makes it a wonderful addition to your make-up products. When added to base make-up such as foundation, it improves the texture and makes the product easier to apply.

Not only this but the beeswax will remove any powderyness from the makeup and will create a much smoother and more even finish that gives your skin a naturally dewy glow.

I think that beeswax makeup products are ideal for people with dry skin and there isn’t any cakiness. What’s more, a lot of people with dry skin also suffer from irritation but that isn’t typically a problem you’ll have with beeswax.

Protect Your Skin

Since beeswax creates a natural barrier on the skin, it’s a great way to help protect it from environmental factors that could cause damage. This can include things like cigarette smoke and traffic pollution.

If these things are allowed to make contact with your skin, they can promote the formation of free radicals which increase and speed up the aging process.

However, despite creating this protective layer, beeswax is totally breathable so it isn’t going to clog your pores and cause breakouts.

It’s Water Resistant (Ideal For Makeup Products)

Beeswax is known for its ability to keep water in but it also acts the other way round and keeps water out which is great news when using makeup products like mascara.

If you’ve ever used a waterproof mascara, you’ll know how harsh these can be and they often end up drying to a brittle consistency which isn’t good for your eyelashes.

However, beeswax is much gentler and creates a waterproof mascara that is kind to your lashes, nourishing, and yet still won’t run or smudge.

It’s A Great Exfoliator

Most people associate beeswax with its moisturizing properties and that’s certainly one of the most beneficial reasons to use it. But did you also know that it’s an excellent way to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells?

This is a brilliant way to rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking youthful and smooth. There are lots of exfoliating beeswax products on the market including skin lotions and lip balms.

Beeswax Promotes Healing

Beeswax contains antibacterial agents which makes it the perfect solution for damaged skin. What’s more, it’s high in vitamin A which promotes the regeneration of skin cells and therefore speeds up the healing process.

If you have wounds, eczema, or irritated skin then beeswax products could be a natural solution to the problem. What’s more, since it’s also an anti-inflammatory, it helps to soothe the skin and reduce swelling and redness.

I have very sensitive skin but I still find that I’m able to use products containing beeswax as it’s gentle and doesn’t promote irritation.

What Kind Of Skincare Products Contain Beeswax?

Beeswax is used in a whole host of skincare products and one of the most well-known is lip balm. The reason it’s so effective for healing chapped lips has a lot to do with its vitamin A and antibacterial content, as I discussed earlier. But since beeswax also helps to lock in moisture and soften skin, it’s also perfect for keeping your kisser conditioned.

Beeswax is also contained in many lotions and you can even buy or make your own lotion bars containing beeswax. This is a great way to keep your skin soft, supple, and in great condition. Blending it with shea butter really brings out the benefits.

You’ll also find beeswax in a lot of makeup products. Earlier, I discussed its potential for water resistance when used in mascara but it’s also ideal in other makeup products like lipstick. This is because beeswax is naturally binding and makes for a much more solid and long-lasting product.

You may also find beeswax in products that are designed to soothe and heal damaged or irritated skin thanks to its ability to regenerate cells and decrease irritation. In fact, this is one of the most ancient ways that beeswax has been used throughout history and it’s still going strong. These types of products are ideal for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, boils, wounds, and even diaper rash in babies.

Is Beeswax Vegan Friendly?

No. Beeswax is an animal product and is therefore not suitable for vegans even if it is not being consumed. However, whether you use beeswax or not is a very personal choice and there’s no right or wrong.

Final Thoughts

If you’re keen to find a natural way of taking care of your skin then beeswax is definitely an ingredient worth considering. Not only will it lock in moisture and keep your skin soft but it’s also perfect for reducing irritation and healing skin damage.

There are lots of beeswax skincare products to choose from that meet a variety of needs including make-up.